U bent hier



© Patrick Dewit - spirits
© Dirk Engelage


Walking my dog,
what do I see?

Light flashes?
Spirits on my path?

They seem to be
just that,
and nothing else
that could explain
what I experience
right here and now.

My dog just walks along
and looks at them
but seems
not too disturbed,
although I am!

What do they
want from me,
what message
are they trying
to convey?

I do not speak,
nor understand
their silent language
or the dances
they perform
before my eyes.

I walk along
past this,
what do I call it,
haunted place,
try to forget
what happened here.

My dog just does
what dogs appear to do
when walked;
he pees and poops
and brings me back
to more earthen

But somewhere,
in a corner of my mind
a door is left ajar
where spirits
can come in
and haunt me