U bent hier

PaulaBisiArt - follow me

PaulaBisiArt - follow me

© PaulaBisiArt
©Dirk Engelage


Please follow me,
she said,
I know the way
around these premises,
so don’t get lost
trying to find
the route to happiness.

You might get lost
you know,
end up in areas
where you feel fear,
and maybe,
if it gets that bad,
get mugged
and beaten up
and robbed.

So follow me,
if you dare trust me
with your life
that is.

But then,
whoever ever heard
of angels causing grief?

Cause that is what I am,
even when you
don’t see my wings.
They’re only visible
when you are close to death.

Then once again
I’m there to lead the way
to happiness forever.

So come along,
I dare you,
follow me!