Horse of Apocalyps

© Henny Netjes
© Dirk Engelage



Out of the sea
he came ashore
the horse of future dream
with blinding energy
and glory hardly ever seen

when finding solid ground
under his feet
he stopped
and stood on his hind legs
and looked around
but only for a moment
then continued
his illuminating tour
around the world

and coming back
to where the chaos,
only held at bay
by tiny margins,
claimed its rule
he stood his ground

and whinnied
only once
but with a force
that sounded
like an angel’s horn

and silence fell
a silence enveloping
all the world
as though all life
all of creation so to say
was holding breath
and waiting
waiting for the things to come
to come for sure

and then
out of the depth
a voice was heard
so soft
that one could wonder
whether it was heard at all
and yet
the heart was sure
about that voice
that spoke of love
of changes for the better
for the good, the best
of peace

of dreams
that finally come true,
of people, life,
finally coming home

the echos of that voice
can never be undone
but will resound
around the world
into the deepest
deep of hearts

still heard
until the end of time
and far beyond
into eternity