LC - Gris destenido

Gris Destenido

© Lita Cabellut, kunstenares van het jaar 2021,       © Dirk Engelage


O wow!
That magic hat!

And yet, and yet …

my eyes are looking
back in time
to when you were alive
and full of love
and full of me
and me of you,

but now it seems
like broken magic,
broken dreams

until I realize
that inside me
you still exist
in all the glory
that was once
our common life

so I go back,
it seems like magic
now and then
but yet
a magical reality
where I can turn around
and take you in my arms
and kiss you
like I used to do

And there you are,
with shining eyes
and singing voice
and dancing feet,
the glory of my days

O wow!
The magic of our love
my dear
that cannot die
before my eye
you are alive as then

Greetings, my love
and may I have this dance?
This magic dance
of everlasting love?