© Betty Disco - Muikai
© Dirk Engelage


Fairy-tale colored dream-scape
vague forms and shapes
and yet welcoming,
motioning me to join:

Come in! Come in!
And dance with us!

And without hesitation
I take that step,
enter the garden of delight
and find myself
again, renewed,
enriched, complete.

Then I wake up,
open my eyes
but different;

remembering this dream,
the feelings that it brought
I wait a moment
before I get up
and start the day.

It feels like living
outside, deep inside myself
at the same time.

Is this the life I dreamt?
Is this the life I want?

An almost mantralike
but wordless
I live that day.

And when I go to bed
that night
I close my eyes and hope
that I will dream this dream again
and hear those voices:

Come in! Come in!
And dance with us!
And live the life you dreamt
when you were young!

Come home!