Fall II

Antony GormleyRooter series 2017-2018, Fall II, 2018


What happened to you?
Did you lose your head?
Was that before the fall
or after?

I just can’t decide,
seeing you,
lying there;
a dead remains
of who you were
before the fall.

Was it an accident?
Or did you

commit suicide?

There is no head here.
Did you think
when you went down?
What did you feel
the moments just before
fatal impact?

I try
not just to understand
what happened here,
but who you were

and somehow
weird as it may seem
hold you
close to my heart,
if only for a moment.

I see here
what remains of you
and yet I try,
in ways, for reasons
that I can’t get clear
in mind,
and even more; in heart,
to fold my arms
around you
as you were

the moments of your fall
and all that came before
from birth
and maybe even
from conception on.

To make you feel,
crazy attempt, I realize,
but yet,
to make you feel
that you were loved,

and make your death


Revive the person
that you were.

For all eternity?