Antony Gormley - Cave 2019

Antony Gormley, Cave 2019 Bolt, 2019



Watch out!

Don’t you get hurt

in meeting me!


In fact I am afraid

that it’s the opposite

that happens in

me meeting you,

that I’ll get hurt!


So therefore I chose armor

thick and strong

with edges sharp

and colors dark.


I drink the heat of light

into my withered soul,

but do not want that truth

to be revealed

and act as though

I am completely independent.


My pose in lying here,

it seems very relaxed,

no care in all the world.


But I’m alert to

any threat I see

and ready for a fight.


Watch out,

don’t hurt me

in you meeting me,


‘cause that is what I fear:


the little gap

in my impressive armor

that allows you

to get in and

touch my aching heart.