U bent hier

George Floyd - Lazarus


George Floyd, he is like Lazarus,
he’s knocking at our doors;
us nameless rich, us well-to-do,
who think we own the world,

confronting us with emptiness,
because we sold our souls,
we’re losing our humanity
and he, in his humility,
unmasking us as empty shells
and showing us our senseless hells

however great it all may seem
(we need it for our self-esteem)
but love, yes love may save us yet
the questions is whether we get it,
open our eyes and see it
that taking, keeping as our right;
a dead-end street, a useless fight

cause in the end
the only things that counts
is love, is the discovery
of what’s not really mystery;
open your heart and you will see
O God Almighty you will see
what gives your endless liberty;

open your heart, open your hands
open your eyes, this never ends;
the only way you earn a name
is sharing life with Lazarus
and make him rise up from his grave
by giving, giving without end
by giving, giving out of love.

George Floyd, he is like Lazarus,
he’s knocking at our doors
and whispering to know this well;
I’ve come to free you from your hell,
open the door and come with me;
give what you’ve got and you’ll be free!

George Floyd, he is like Lazarus;
a proud man with a name!
He’s knocking, knocking at your door
and offers you the same!